Te Huihui a Matariki

13th July 2020

Te Huihui a Matariki

By Regan Balzer, Horomona Horo, Laughton Kora

The gathering place of Matariki, or Te Huihui a Matariki, brings us together to witness the auspicious stars that signal the Māori New Year. Through the darkness of night, embark on a voyage of painted forms that appear and come to life to the sounds of nature and creative expression. The stars of Matariki featured in this work include- Ururangi (The Winds), Tupu-ā-rangi (Food from above), Tupu-ā-nuku (Food from the earth), Waitā (Oceans), Pohutukawa (Reflecting on those who have passed away), Waitī (Fresh Water), Waipuna-ā-rangi (Rain), Hiwa-i-te-rangi (Future aspirations) & Matariki (Gatherer of people).

Artwork & Directing: Regan Balzer
Music & Composition: Laughton Kora & Horomona Horo
Animation: Creature Post
Music Mastering: Tiki Taane
Animatic & Project support: Mike Bridgman
Animation support: Kaimai-Rose Lee
Photography Assistant: Tuiaria Balzer-Horo
Special thanks to: The Meteor Theatre, Hamilton and WINTEC School of Media Arts


I am Hine, I am Moana

13th July 2020

I am Hine, I am Moana

I am Hine, I am Moana delves into the omnipotence of Hine, the ageless, divine, feminine principle that flows directly from the universe, manifesting through all wahine in various roles and stages of life. Hine connects us all to the endless cycle of creation and destruction. She will provide for us, protect us, and when necessary, humble us. I am Hine, I am Moana pays reverence to the role of Hine in navigating physical, spiritual, environmental, and cultural cycles of change.

Concept / Poetry / Voice / Makeup: Tina Ngata

Choreography: Terri Ripeka Crawford

Dancers: Tioreore Ngatai-Melbourne & Terri Ripeka Crawford

Director of Photography / Editor: Charles Brooks

Photography Assistant: Yasna Parra

Soundscape / Sound Engineering: Warren Maxwell

Costume: Korou Productions (Donna Campbell – ‘Hinetītama’ corset, Hei Miro; Rhonda Tibble – Piupiu; Ngahina Hohaia – Taaumi; Shona Tawhiao – Hei Mana; James Webster – Parirau Toroa; Layton Robertson – Heru Mapara )

Location: Te Toka a Te Aotaihi, Wharekahika 

Noho Whare: Ngahiwi Apanui



13th July 2020

Calls echo beneath the ice from ocean hapū, far off in the distance.
Our Ocean Atua, Tangaroa and Hinemoana, respond… and the tide turns.
The tide turns, the ice melts and Te Kāunga looks for Te Hira.
But she is fast and cunning. She can hide in the realm of Tāne to nurture her young.
There is peace here amongst the slow cycles; the colossal currents.
Like Maui, we make time to slow down and reflect.
The song of Hira under the ice invites us to stop!
… listen…and be calm amidst the chaos of Man.

Imagescape: Dr Johnson Witehira

Soundscape: Warren Maxwell


Manawa Hau

13th July 2020

Manawa Hau experiments with the connective potential of our humanity through VR technology. Activating their practices of hauora, Cathy Livermore (dancer), Rob Thorne (taonga puoro musician), and Jess Feast (director) invite you in to a sacred void weaving movement, sound and presence to introduce you to the energetic centres of your manawa line; pū manawa, to manawa to whatumanawa. This kaupapa represents the importance of connection and flow within ourselves to uplift mana moana within.  To heal the world around us, we must begin with reconnecting within, and to dive deep beneath the surface of our own presence in the world.

Movement:  Cathy Livermore 

Taonga Pūoro: Rob Thorne

Director: Jess Feast

Producer: Ruth Korver

Cinematography: Daniel Loorparg

Sound Recording: Piers Gilbertson

Cultural Director: Cathy Livermore

Creative Direction: Jess Feast, Cathy Livermore

Editing and Effects: Daniel Loorparg

Sound Post Production: Piers Gilbertson

Lighting Design: Natasha James

Lighting Consultant: Will Smith

Lighting Assistant: Andy Thornecroft

Makeup: Natalia Spooner

Production Manager: Rhiain Love

Executive Producer: Robert Appierdo

Rob Thorne thanks NZSM


Mana Moana Meditation

13th July 2020

Mana Moana Meditation

Michel Tuffery and Karlo Mila have created an open-eyed meditation of return to all that is the ocean.  In amidst the crisis, conflict and stress of a global pandemic lockdown, many artists recognise that more than ever, art can be mobilised and moved from performative acts into essential acts of service and wellbeing.  Here, poetry and moving image blend into the blue beyond, taking you into a meditative state of Oceanic contemplation.  We are a water-world.  Let us connect to all that connects us.

Concept: Karlo Mila & Michel Tuffery

Art: Michel Tuffery

Animation and Editing: Michel Tuffery & Mike Bridgman

Poetry & Performance: Karlo Mila

Soundscape Design: Laughton Kora

Fangufangu and Vocals: Manase Lua

Soundscape Mixing: Tiki Taane


Te Mauri

13th July 2020

Te Maara Tuu Aatea Mutunga Kore : the celestial gardens of infinite space

— Te Huirangi Eruera Waikerepuru, 2015


Utilising digital technologies, notions of the ‘virtual’, mauri and ceremony in connecting taonga and people through time and across distance, Te Mauri commemorates a tauihu[1] (Te Atiawa) and the tira who travelled with the taonga  for the exhibition Te Maori 1984-1985 (USA) and Te Hokinga Mai 1986-1987 (NZ). Te Mauri was presented as a holographic sculptural work in Trigger Points, New York in 2016  (J Pallitz Gallery, Syracuse University, New York City).

For Mana Moana Te Mauri is a remastered  animation for the presentation of a 360° immersive visual and aural experience. Within this online format the audience can direct their view within the pixels of light points which make up this digital taonga image. The karakia and maioha calls the image into presence; the taonga, the ancestors and the event that brought these together. It is through ceremony and taonga pathways that we remember who we are:  we are mouri, we are light consciousness sustained and light-emitting through our experience here in Te Ao Marama.

Te ara tuunui

Te ara tuuroa

Te ara tuuaatea mutunga kore

Te maara tu aatea mutunga kore [2]

[1] Tauihu: Kaitiaki: Manukorihi Pā Trust housed in Puke Ariki Museum A.78.127. Accessed May 2020

[2] Te Huirangi Eruera Waikerepuru, personal communication, Jan 2012. In,Stuart Foster & Kura Puke,  “Kapo Ka Pō Awatea. ” Memory Connection V.3 No.1 (2019). The Memory Waka Research Group Massey University, p.158.

Concept and visuals: Stuart Foster & Kura Puke 

Te Reo Maioha:  Kurt Komene

Reo Po’hiri: Hinemoa Erueti Waikerepuru

The kaupapa was led by Te Matahiapo Research Group, with great appreciation to the tautoko from Puke Ariki Museum raua ko Manukorihi Pā Trust.



25th June 2020

Tūātea, by Louise Potiki Bryant, featuring dancer Bianca Hyslop, with music by Paddy Free and taonga pūoro by Horomona Horo, is inspired by Hinemoana, the atua wahine of the moana. Tūātea explores the power of the huge breaking waves of an oceanic storm and the profound calm at the lowest depths of the ocean, even when the surface of the moana is at its most turbulent.

Concept, Direction, Animation and Editorial: Louise Potiki Bryant

Dancers: Bianca Hyslop & Louise Potiki Bryant

Director of Photography: Paddy Free

Music: Paddy Free

Taonga pūoro: Horomona Horo


Ki Te Ao Matihiko

25th June 2020

Ki Te Ao Matihiko

Ki Te Ao Matihiko is a kūwaha (gateway), that brings visitors into the virtual space of Mana Moana. The kūwaha comprises atua that attempts to identify a whakapapa of both the Mana Moana project as well as the virtual world within which we currently spend most of our time – and so.. there are four atua that complete the circular kūwaha: Hine-moana (atua of the Pacific Ocean), Tāne-nui-a-Rangi (creator of Hineahuone, father of Hine-tītama and procurer of the baskets of knowledge), Te Uira (atua of lightning) and Hine-te-iwaiwa (atua of weaving).