Mana Moana Meditation

By Karlo Mila and Michel Tuffery


Michel Tuffery and Karlo Mila have created an open-eyed meditation of return to all that is the ocean.  In amidst the crisis, conflict and stress of a global pandemic lockdown, many artists recognise that more than ever, art can be mobilised and moved from performative acts into essential acts of service and wellbeing.  Here, poetry and moving image blend into the blue beyond, taking you into a meditative state of Oceanic contemplation.  We are a water-world.  Let us connect to all that connects us.

Concept: Karlo Mila & Michel Tuffery

Art: Michel Tuffery

Animation and Editing: Michel Tuffery & Mike Bridgman

Poetry & Performance: Karlo Mila

Soundscape Design: Laughton Kora

Fangufangu and Vocals: Manase Lua

Soundscape Mixing: Tiki Taane