Mana Moana is a curated artist led collaboration between Māori and Pacifica visual artists, musicians, writers and choreographers to produce short art films.


Pacific Voices

Mana Moana – Pacific Voices is a collection of emotive and artistic video works that have been created to amplify and support the Pacific to drive global action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Pacific peoples of Oceania are orators and poets with the deepest respect for allusion, nuance and metaphor. We harness poetry “to mean more than we say” as the great Futa Helu observed.  We bring our culture of storytelling to COP26 and UNCC with urgency, eloquently speaking to the issues of our region. 

This initiative is supported by Aotearoa New Zealand and coordinated by the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme with support from many Pacific islands people, organisations and communities. These videos have been developed to be screened during the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) COP-26 and other relevant climate change events. 

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"In the face of our climate emergency this work is timely and relevant "



Mana Moana Digital Ocean

Mana Moana Digital Ocean brings together more than 20 leading Māori and Pacifica artists from across Aotearoa for an online collection of multimedia and video art – all housed over an immersive waterscape rendered in 3D. Art and technology weave together in eight new collaborative works ranging from video art, to VR /360 film and 3D digital sculpture. The result is an innovative exhibition speaking to our relationships with water and the need for collective action to ensure its survival. The project takes off where Mana Moana 2019 left off, however, with Covid-19 restrictions the project needed to pivot into the digital realm.

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he waka eke noa we are all in this waka together we rise together, fall together, work together, keep going together



Mana Moana Water Screen

Mana Moana 2019 was a collaboration between Maori and Pacifica musicians, artists, writers and choreographers to produce a series of five, short art films fusing poetry, dance, song, painting, photography and animation. Instead of projecting on a traditional film screen Mana Moana explores its themes of ocean, migration and diaspora on a screen of projected water.

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Project Values


We believe in creating a platform for upholding a healthy and respectful relationship with the Moana in all its forms (ocean, lakes, rain, rivers)

To generate and maintain healthy space between us, each other and our environment and to bring people together.


To provide a Māori frame from which to enable and encompass indigenous Moana perspectives. It creates a positive platform for critical discussion and celebrates whakapapa relationships with the environment.


Enabling the positive and critical discussion of positive relationships in our environment.


Mana Moana seeks to draw attention to, critique, and to request action on environmental issues with a future indigenous frame, through the use of technology and art.


across multiple art-forms, mediums and practices.


Mana Moana allows powerful interdisciplinary art-forms, mediums and creative practices to intertwine, converse and thrive.


Investigating technology as a de-colonial tool. Using technology as a way to explore artistic potential.

Mana Moana is made possible with generous support from: