I am Hine, I am Moana

By Tina Ngata and Terri Crawford


I am Hine, I am Moana delves into the omnipotence of Hine, the ageless, divine, feminine principle that flows directly from the universe, manifesting through all wahine in various roles and stages of life. Hine connects us all to the endless cycle of creation and destruction. She will provide for us, protect us, and when necessary, humble us. I am Hine, I am Moana pays reverence to the role of Hine in navigating physical, spiritual, environmental, and cultural cycles of change.

Concept / Poetry / Voice / Makeup: Tina Ngata

Choreography: Terri Ripeka Crawford

Dancers: Tioreore Ngatai-Melbourne & Terri Ripeka Crawford

Director of Photography / Editor: Charles Brooks

Photography Assistant: Yasna Parra

Soundscape / Sound Engineering: Warren Maxwell

Costume: Korou Productions (Donna Campbell – ‘Hinetītama’ corset, Hei Miro; Rhonda Tibble – Piupiu; Ngahina Hohaia – Taaumi; Shona Tawhiao – Hei Mana; James Webster – Parirau Toroa; Layton Robertson – Heru Mapara )

Location: Te Toka a Te Aotaihi, Wharekahika 

Noho Whare: Ngahiwi Apanui