Manawa Hau

By Jess Feast, Cathy Livermore and Rob Thorne


Manawa Hau experiments with the connective potential of our humanity through VR technology. Activating their practices of hauora, Cathy Livermore (dancer), Rob Thorne (taonga puoro musician), and Jess Feast (director) invite you in to a sacred void weaving movement, sound and presence to introduce you to the energetic centres of your manawa line; pū manawa, to manawa to whatumanawa. This kaupapa represents the importance of connection and flow within ourselves to uplift mana moana within.  To heal the world around us, we must begin with reconnecting within, and to dive deep beneath the surface of our own presence in the world.

Movement:  Cathy Livermore 

Taonga Pūoro: Rob Thorne

Director: Jess Feast

Producer: Ruth Korver

Cinematography: Daniel Loorparg

Sound Recording: Piers Gilbertson

Cultural Director: Cathy Livermore

Creative Direction: Jess Feast, Cathy Livermore

Editing and Effects: Daniel Loorparg

Sound Post Production: Piers Gilbertson

Lighting Design: Natasha James

Lighting Consultant: Will Smith

Lighting Assistant: Andy Thornecroft

Makeup: Natalia Spooner

Production Manager: Rhiain Love

Executive Producer: Robert Appierdo

Rob Thorne thanks NZSM