Ki uta ki tai

Louise Potiki Bryant

In this dance Louise explores the relationship of the tinana (the human body) to the moana (ocean), and kaupapa of the movement and pathways of water through the landscape to the ocean, acknowledging our relationship and whakapapa (genealogy) to the land and the ocean.

Louise Potiki Bryant is a Ngāi Tahu, Kāti Mamoe and Waitaha choreographer, dancer, and video artist. With her artistic practice Louise aims to honour mana wahine (the intrinsic spiritual power of women), indigenous relationships with the whenua and the moana, whakapapa (genealogy), and kaupapa Māori (Māori principles and practices).

Concept, direction, animation & editorial: Louise Potiki Bryant

Director of photography: Matt Gillanders

Music: Paddy Free & James Webster

Dancer: Rosie Tapsell

Costume: Rona Ngahuia Osbourne