A Call to Kāinga

Dr Karlo Mila & Michael Bridgman



This collaborative work returns to alternative ways of moving through time and space, recalling and reclaiming ancestral philosophies of the Moana as a way forward.  We have received comprehensive scientific information about the crisis of the environment at home, across the globe, under water, and in the atmosphere.  It is clear that there is a direct threat of everything we depend upon no longer being able to sustain life. 


Mila is of Tongan and Pakeha descent, and both her poetry and scholarship focus on the personal and political realities of Pasifika identity. Her postdoctoral research “Mana Moana” has served as the backbone for indigenous Pacific leadership programmes and wellbeing interventions. She is currently the Programme Director of the Mana Moana Experience at Leadership New Zealand.

Poetry & performance: Karlo Mila

Direction, animation & editorial: Michael Bridgman

Pattern designs: Johnson Witehira

Soundscape: Warren Maxwell