Pe’e: Invocation to Tangaroa

Pe'e: Invocation to Tangaroa


‘Pacific Voices’ is a collection of 11 films featuring poets and visual artists from around the Pacific.  The films were made to amplify the presence of Pacific nations at COP 26 in Glasgow, November 2021.

These poets of the Moana bring us fighting words, love letters and laments.  They ask us to feel – for a moment – the overwhelm of planetary grief.  To feel the king tides hit.  To drown in it a little.  To gasp and grasp for the preciousness of our breath.  

While the science calls on everything we can measurably know, the poets of the Moana call on everything we’ve ever known.  We call on all that exists beyond our knowing – our ancestral legacies and languages – seeking the synchronies that held the secrets to our sustainability.

Produced by the Mana Moana Collective with Storybox, this collection captures these contemporary artists and poets at a time of great urgency and indigenous resurgence

Video Art
Louise Potiki Bryant

Raemaki Karati & Ngaire Karati

Music and Sound Design
Paddy Free

Artist Bio

Louise Potiki Bryant

Louise Pōtiki Bryant is a Ngāi Tahu choreographer, dancer, and video artist. Louise is a founding member and choreographer for Atamira Dance Company, as well as having an independent dance and video art practice. Louise has also choreographed for companies such as The New Zealand Dance Company, Black Grace Dance Company, and Ōrotokare, Art, Story, Motion. In 2019 Louise was awarded an Arts Foundation Laureate for her choreographic and dance practice. Her video art practice includes the creation of video installations, dance films, inter-disciplinary collaborative performances, and video designs for opera, music, and contemporary dance works