Calling Tangaroa

Calling Tangaroa


These poets of the Moana bring us fighting words, love letters and laments.  They ask us to feel – for a moment – the overwhelm of planetary grief.  To feel the king tides hit.  To drown in it a little.  To gasp and grasp for the preciousness of our breath.

While the science calls on everything we can measurably know, the poets of the Moana call on everything we’ve ever known.  We call on all that exists beyond our knowing – our ancestral legacies and languages – seeking the synchronies that held the secrets to our sustainability.

Produced by the Mana Moana Collective with Storybox, this collection captures these contemporary artists and poets at a time of great urgency and indigenous resurgence.


Poetry written & performed by
 Lisa Leilani Williams

Numangatini MacKenzie Field

Jess Feast

Mike Bridgman,  Rachael Rakena

Music and Sound Design
Paddy Free

Full credits at the end of the video

Artist Bio

Lisa Leilani Williams

Claiming spaces, growing voices – Global citizen, Pacific heart, Ocean core. A firm believer in the creative power and mana  of ‘tok-stori’ (storytelling) to deepen the conversations on stuff that makes the heart sing. Hailing from the Cook Islands, I’m a closet poet with some dusty documentary awards somewhere. My paid work revolves around media advice and public affairs off the back of decades in journalism, gender advocacy and photography– all of which I still really love as passion projects.


Numangatini MacKenzie

Numangatini Mackenzie is a mark maker and a visual storyteller. His practice centres on the exploration of urban space and the processes of building connections to his moana and people. His research engages with literature on Oceanic art, museum collections as well as collaborations with living practitioners of art forms ranging from tatau, graffiti, printmaking and making of traditional implements and voyaging/navigation.

Numa was born in Canada but bloodlines flow from the Cook Islands and England and he now resides in Aotearoa(nz)